Sharp Coverage Discovery

Maximize Reimbursements from uncompensated care


Finds more active coverage for healthcare billers by searching over 2,000 payers!

Find Coverage

Identification of primary, secondary and tertiary coverage including government and commercial coverage.

Lost Revenue

Find correct insurance data to help recover lost reimbursements. Approximately out of 1,000 patients 300-600 patients can have coverage identified.

Happy Patients

Dealing straight with payers information and not patients will keep their visit less stressed over paperwork.

Batch Validation

Multiple patients can be looked up at once saving valuable time and money.

Claim Processing Integration

In the portal you can find coverage for claims that deny for lack of coverage or you can use a module to check for the correct coverage before even sending the claim out!

EMR Integration

Integrating with your EMR's FHIR API to run eligibility checks on up coming appointments. SharpRTE results display into a dashboard and push back coverage information to the EHR through FHIR Api's.