Sharp FHIR Integration

Our advanced FHIR Integration, powered by SharpCD, seamlessly connects the pieces of the eligibility puzzle, delivering a complete solution for your practice. Using FHIR API’s, we retrieve upcoming appointments from your EHR and validate patient coverage in real-time. Once validated, we can push the insurance information back into your system.


Integration Flow Process

Integration Explained

At night we pull upcoming appointments from your system.

    • This is configurable, and you can set how far in advance you’d like appointments pulled.
    • Once we have the appointments we look through them and based on your configuration we bring the appointment into our system
    • Patient Coverage current coverages the patient has, could be “self pay”
    • Provider associated with the appointment
  • Once we have all the data that we can get about this patient, we go to the Sharp Eligibility & Coverage discovery tool, this is the magic!
    • Our tool goes out and discovers what insurance is attached to the patient.
    • Sharp Eligibility & Coverage Discovery then returns the coverage information to the integration module.
  • Now that we have coverage information for a patient the system can update your EMR of this new information
    • The system will check if the payer is listed in your system by looking for the payer ID. If the payer is missing we can add the payer for you. If the payer is already there, we just attach the record of that payer to the new coverage

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