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Personalized Medical Claims Processing; Streamlined for Easy
Healthcare Reimbursement

We Tailor the medical insurance claims process for providers to focus on healing not paperwork.

About Us

ClaimRev Is A Native Woman Owned Medical Claims Clearinghouse

We are here because navigating medical claim processing is complex and time-consuming sometimes without a direct answer to why a claim errors out. This can be a maddeningly frustrating experience for healthcare providers, leaving them feeling like they are stuck in an endless loop of paperwork that affects their revenue and therefore patient care.

We believe in the power of personal connection and timely support

Our user-friendly software ensures that your practice has the data to make informed decisions while prioritizing data ownership

Our process

Reduce Denied Claims and Administration Hassle

Submitting Claims Is Complex And Consumes Time,

You Can Face Repeated Rejections And Bureaucratic Hurdles.

Leaving You Feeling Stuck In A Loop Of Paperwork And Red Tape

Step 1. Submit Claim

Our user-friendly interface supports claim review and editing of Professional - Institutional and Dental. Changes can be made to the claim and resubmitted all through the one stop portal.

Step 2. Process Claim

Our system handles claims in batches, all in real-time, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution to your insurance needs. With just a few clicks, you can submit your claim through our user-friendly interface. Our advanced technology takes care of the rest, processing your claim with speed and precision.

Step 3. Receive Custom Reports

We can offer custom reports that can illustrate key metrics - trends and performance indicators to increase MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) for reimbursements.

Our Services

Our Smart Claims Editor

Workflow Module

Workflow Module

Our easy-to-use workflow module allows you to create your own claim statuses and track progress, facilitating collaboration and efficiency among your team.

Time-Saving Customization

Time-Saving Customization

Our flexible rules engine enables you to customize data in claims based on specific criteria, saving you time and effort.

Automatic Description Addition

Automatic Description Addition

The engine can automatically add descriptions to procedure codes as needed, streamlining the process minimizing errors.

Corrected Claims Support

Corrected Claims Support

We always support the corrected claims for making the process smoother and more efficient
for you.

Accuracy & Completeness Guaranteed

Accuracy & Completeness Guaranteed

Our claims editor accesses all necessary fields to ensure accuracy and completeness of claims.

Assign Tasks with Ease

Assign Tasks with Ease

Assign tasks to team members with ease, ensuring timely completion of claims and optimizing your claims process.

Client Feedback

Customer Relationships Are The Heart Of What We Do

Get Direct Access To An Account Manager; Never Wasting Time With A Call Center

Excellent service. Proactive care. Brad has been very responsive to our concerns and providing the tools we need to keep up with our interactions with Medicare. I highly suggest Claim Revolution for your eligibility and claims needs.

Dr. Steve
Dr. Steve is a life saver. My office wouldn’t be where it is without the amazing help and professionalism that we are receiving from Thank you for all of the help you are providing and will continue to provide for us!

Dr. Matt
Dr. Matt

Awesome customer service, quick replies to my questions, quick resolution to the issues I bring up and the best part, a person on the other side of the phone call! Finally, payment from insurance companies at an unbeatable price! Thank you Brad and Amber!

Dr. Sandra Gutierrez
Dr. Sandra Gutierrez

We have had a very pleasant on-boarding and customer service experience from day 1. I have demoed many products in the industry and no one gave me more confidence than Brad and his team. I highly suggest Claim Revolution for your eligibility and claims needs."


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