Submitting Claims on behalf of patients is complex and consumes time.

You Face Repeated Rejections And Bureaucratic Hurdles.

Have you ever felt Maddeningly Frustrated with the Experience leaving you feeling Stuck In A Loop Of Paperwork And Red Tape?

Step 1. Set Yourself Up

Our user-friendly interface supports claim review and editing of Professional - Institutional and Dental.  Changes can be made to the claim and resubmitted all through the one stop portal. 

Step 2. Process a Claim

Claim processing is done in near real-time with ERA (electronic remittance advice) being attached to the claim viewable as a human-readable or downloaded pdf.

Step 3. Get Custom Report

We can offer custom reports that can illustrate key metrics - trends and performance indicators to increase MIPS (Merit-Based Incentive Payment System) for reimbursements.   

Our Smart Claims Editor

» Accuracy and Completeness Guaranteed:

Our claims editor accesses all necessary fields to ensure accuracy and completeness of claims.

» Time-Saving Customization:

Our flexible rules engine enables you to customize data in claims based on specific criteria, saving you time and effort.

» Automatic Description Addition:

The engine can automatically add descriptions to procedure codes as needed, streamlining the process and minimizing errors.

» Corrected Claims Support:

We support corrected claims, making the process smoother and more efficient for you.

» Workflow Module:
Our easy-to-use workflow module allows you to create your own claim statuses and track progress, facilitating collaboration and efficiency among your team.

» Assign Tasks with Ease:

Assign tasks to team members with ease, ensuring timely completion of claims and optimizing your claims process.

Easily Upload Your 5010 837P - 837I Or 837D Through Our User-Friendly Web Portal Or Client Connect.

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