OpenEMR Integration


We have a new module for sending claims to us directly through the openEMR interface. It works just like the SFTP server, except it uses a rest API. This module will also download reports automatically and place them in the proper places in openEMR for the application to handle the files properly!

openemr connection

Modules Capabilities

The following modules are planned expansions in the ClaimRev ecosystem. As demand changes various modules will be bumped to the top of the list.

The module will have a screen to search for claims that have been sent to us and display the results directly inside the module. Think of it as a “lite” version of the portal. You can see the claims and the translated errors without leaving OpenEMR.

Using the events in openEMR’s core code, the module will run eligibility on the attached patients and place the results in a custom table so that we have full control of what is displayed and how it displayed. Getting eligibility will be quicker and easier.

Go to Packagist to find the module.