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Prior Authorization

Real-Time Prior Authorization Guidance And Decision At The Point Of Care.

Prior Authorization

Overview of Prior Authorization

The Prior Authorization (PA) Module is an end-to-end PA solution for providers and payers. Our tool streamlines PA submissions and decision processes, saving valuable time for users.
Our Prior Authorization module enables providers to validate a PA request against payer guidelines, automatically submit it, and then to receive instant decisions from the payer. Similarly, it enables payers to automate PA decisions and serves as a decision support engine to help streamline complex utilization management processes.

The solution can integrates seamlessly with a provider’s EMR and a payer’s utilization management system by leveraging the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standards (FHIR), or it can be accessed via a web-based application. Call us today to talk about integrations!

Automated Prior Auth Beats Out The Manual Approach!

Faster Care For Members And Reduced Administrative Burden

Features of Prior Authorization

Automated PA

PA Requirements Identification And Determination

Providers PA Submission

Payers Clinical Decision Support Tool And Automated Approvals

Benefits of Prior Authorization

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