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Software That Serves As The Underlying Infrastructure For Digital Health Organizations Of All Sizes

Healthie offers a fully brandable web and mobile platform and an API layer for Onboarding, Booking, Engagement, EHR, and payments capabilities. We also offer a built-in marketplace of business and clinical tools also used by our organizations.

 Businesses can leverage Healthie to: 

      Launch & scale services faster

      Facilitate provider-client engagement

      Offer a personalized care experience

      Deliver virtual care services

      Drive better client health outcomes


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Affordable Custom Cloud EHR

We strive to build the best system possible for our users. Working together, your suggestions go a long way in building a system that benefits all the users.

Affordable Custom Cloud EHR

Providence Healthtech is a healthcare information technology company offering electronic medical records (EMR) software as service to a variety of healthcare providers. The rapid adoption of healthcare IT over the last 15 years has led to complex, highly regulated, disparate clinical medical record management. Providence Healthtech simplifies the installation, management, and long-term sustainability of the EMR solution by managing various required technical components. Our cloud-based technology allows providers and practice managers to focus on improving clinical outcomes and the patient’s wellness while still leveraging high quality technical solutions.

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