Practice & Medical Billing Solution Partner

ClaimRev's Practice software & Expedited Billing Services is the solution to your immediate and long-term practice and medical billing problems. We can have you up and running in no time. In many cases it will take less than a week between signing a contract and submitting your first claims. In addition, you do not have to sacrifice quality for speed and pay less than market average. We also offer free EMR solution that will save you thousands of dollar. We are very efficient because we understand technology better than any other competitors. Our complete solution helps you maximize your revenue from the minute you sign up with us!

Benefits of Partnering With Us

To Save Time:
Medical Billing is an immense task. Outsourcing to us can take much of that burden off your shoulders. It will save you the time you need to concentrate on healing your patients.

To Save Resources:
If you're running a small or big practice, your staff may not be able to focus exclusively on billing-or have the necessary expertise. We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all the medical billing issues that arise with your practice, and free your staff to concentrate on other aspects of running the practice.

To Reduce Rejected Claims:
A great deal of rejected claims come back simply because of errors in coding. We will focus exclusively on billing which will cut down on errors and save you revenue in rejected claims from day one.

To Provide Added Security:
It's a well-known fact that most cases of fraud come from within a company. We will be an outside eye looking at your finances and providing checks and balances that you and your staff might not have the time or ability to provide. We will spot any inconsistencies in your finances and alert you of it right away.

To Get Your Money Fast:
Most practices with limited resources can't designate multiple employees to concentrate on billing. This means it takes longer to submit claims, follow-up can be inconsistent, and your money comes in later than it could. We will submit your claims more quickly and follow-up will be more persistent-all adding up to more and quicker revenue for your practice.

To Improve You Business:
Many doctors say that you don't just need an M.D. to be in private practice anymore-you also need an MBA. We don't just send out claims-it's also a valuable business partner so that you don't need in-house MBA. We will provide you reports, often monthly or on-demand and real-time basis, detailing the financial health of your practice, and can recommend ways to boost profitability as well by using top-notch technologies.

To Negotiate with Insurance Carriers:
We will give you the detailed information you need to successfully negotiate a contract with a malpractice insurance carrier. Knowing your costs and your utilization patterns will go a long way toward giving you the upper hand in insurance contract negotiations.

To Help you with Technology:
Unlike other Billing Services, we also write our own software. We have technical resources available to help practice, and our own internal services, with any solution or process that one may need to run the business successfully. We will never turn anyone down!